Constant Pressure Systems

Residential Water Products Submersibles

Kit Includes:

  • CentriPro Three Phase Motor 1.5 – 5 HP, 230 V
  • CentriPro Balanced Flow® Controller with Transducer
  • Goulds Water Technology Pumps GS Water End (pump)

(Note: ProPak kits do not include pressure tanks. Tanks must be ordered separately.)

A variable speed controller complete with a water end (pump) and three phase motor conveniently packed in one carton for installer convenience. Kits are available with 2, 3 or 5 HP controllers and motors from 1.5 to 5 HP. They feature pump/motor combinations sized for high speed operation, units are configured to operate between 30 and 80 hertz.

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple, fast sizing.
  • Range curves and selection charts generated from actual R&D tests.
  • Kits configured for 30 Hz minimum and 80 Hz maximum operation.
  • Kits use mismatched water end and motor (see component chart).
  • Wiring is as easy as standard three-wire control box- L1, L2 and Ground in from power supply - Red, Yellow, Black and Ground out to motor
  • Pressure is factory preset at 50 psi with simple, fast, field adjustability for higher pressures.
  • Three phase output to motor reduces wire cost.
  • Goulds Water Technology model GS features the Guardian bearing system and field proven sand and abrasive handling floating stack design.
  • New - a Switch Input for connecting a pressure switch or float switch.
  • New - Grounding provisions for transducer and transducer cable.


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